After a couple of days in Paris, Ryan Gosling then moved on to London to promote Lost River, hanging out with one of the stars of his film, Matt Smith. Last night, Gosling, Smith, and Lily James, Smith’s girlfriend, were at the Arts Club. That’s the same club Gwyneth Paltrow is bringing to Hollywood – click here for a refresher.

Can we just talk about Lily James for a minute? She was on The Social a few weeks ago to talk about Cinderella. And we ran out of time during the interview to ask her about Matt. I think the question was something to do with Dr Who. So when we told her that, that we were going to ask about that, she was so cute, her face lit up, and one of the first things she said was, “Oh! That’s my boyfriend!”

Anyway, in other Gosling news, there’s a video circulating now of him during one of his British junket interviews and the text message on his phone goes off. He’s totally mortified and, because he’s so Canadian, is so ashamed about his rudeness that he can’t even look the reporter in the eye for a while. But he’s looking more and more like his character in Blue Valentine, non?