Ryan Gosling was photographed yesterday in Hollywood, apparently on break from shooting The Big Short in New Orleans. He looks really good here. Last time I posted pictures of him he had dark hair (click here for a refresher) and I still haven’t washed the bad flavour away yet.

Anyway, these new shots are timely because yesterday I read an article online about Feminist Mad Max being the new Feminist Ryan Gosling and it gives me an excuse to tell you about it. You remember Feminist Ryan Gosling? Hey Girl…

Well Feminist Ryan Gosling was so 2012. Right now, it’s about Feminist Mad Max.

As previously noted, men’s rights activists lost their sh-t over Mad Max because, well, Max wasn’t “dude” enough for their liking in the movie. Or, as Laurie Penny wrote brilliantly in her review:

What’s threatening about Fury Road is the idea that when the earth burns, women might not actually want men to protect them. Men might, in fact, be precisely the thing they are trying to survive.

Hilariously, to bring this thing full circle, Penny and Ryan Gosling have a connection too. Remember when he saved her life?