Ryan Gosling stepped out for lunch yesterday in Los Feliz. On Sunday, as you know, he’ll be at the Oscars, as a nominee for Best Actor for his performance in La La Land. He won’t win. Unless he’s a spoiler? Unless Denzel Washington and Casey Affleck split the votes and he comes through the middle? That’s a longshot. But he’ll be there…with who?

The last time Ryan was nominated for an Oscar was 10 years ago, for his work in Half Nelson. He took his ma and his sister.

That was, of course, well before he became a father, well before Eva Mendes. Eva Mendes has not joined him on the award circuit this season. But there’s only one Oscar night. Will she join him? I wish I could poll you on your thoughts on this.

I kinda feel like she won’t join him because they truly do want to keep their relationship outside of their careers. Remember, these two managed to hide two pregnancies. Also, they both know that this is not his year. If he were the presumptive favourite to win Best Actor, it might be a different story as she’d perhaps want to be there to experience that moment. But that’s probably not going to happen, not this time. That said, it’s been a decade between nominations for Ryan Gosling. There’s never a guarantee that he’ll get to go back.

So… maybe?