I want to be able to say that one day to Jacek:

Pick me up in Paris.

Sounds a lot better than “pick me up at the corner of Broadway and Granville”.

Eva Mendes has been shooting a movie in Paris. Ryan Gosling came to see her for the weekend. They did some sightseeing. Walked through Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Did you see Paris, Je T’Aime? I LOVED Paris, Je T’Aime. Especially Pere Lachaise.


This is how people should fight and love in Paris! And (sometimes) they do!

When Duana, Michelle, and I went to Paris 3 years ago we watched a French couple MELT DOWN on the street. She was throwing herself against the irons bars in front of an exceptionally beautiful building just before the Champs Elysees. Or maybe it just looked exceptionally beautiful to us because of the drama they were delivering. Much more than the no-drama provided by Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. But still...

I’m into it.

(This has nothing to do with the fact that she’s 37 and I’m 38.)

He went to Paris to pick her up. He brought her back to LA. Which totally means she’s his girlfriend now.

Some of you have asked if I think these are staged. I... don’t think they’re staged. He gains nothing from staging. You do know he’s made something like 4 or 5 films back to back and has 3 more to go, right? And besides, hypothetically of course, would someone turn down the Sexiest Man Alive and then call the paps to shoot him with his lady?

Could it be Eva’s shenanigans then? It’s possible. Very possible. But Ryan couldn’t stomach Blake Lively’s famewhoring last year. If it is Eva making these moves, I don’t know that she will last.