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Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 20, 2011 14:24:45 May 20, 2011 14:24:45

I learned a lot of about men’s suits yesterday. We’re going to a really swanky wedding tonight and Jacek didn’t have one. He’s not the sharpest dresser, as you know, to begin with. And since he works from home, there’s very little reason for him to dress up. We’ve been talking about getting him a new suit for a while. Like over a year. And we just haven’t gotten around to it. Then, leaving things to the last minute, we realised he’d have nothing to wear to this event. And it’s supposed to be quite an Event. So we rushed off to Holt Renfrew last night. It was time to make an investment.

Charlie has 30 years of experience. He pretty much told us what to do. And, well, the minute Jacek put on this suit, it was … monumental. I mean, I find my husband attractive, but suddenly he was suit-offing Jude Law. It’s all about the cut. It’s a modern cut. Fits tight around the waist, skinny pants, beautiful material, sits perfectly on the shoulders. Not going to lie – we spent some money, but the way he looks, it’s totally worth it.

I suppose that’s what they say the difference is. Why male celebrities on a carpet, why it’s just a layer above what you see in day to day life. Sometimes designer goods aren’t that much different from what you find on the high street. When it comes to a man’s suit though, there’s no comparison. You throw in a great shirt, a badass belt, and some tips? Jesus, I told Jacek that whenever I’m mad at him, all he needs to do is put it on.

So here’s Ryan Gosling today in Cannes both at the photo call for Drive and then at the Palais on the red carpet. It’s a little pyjama situation in the daytime, sure. I think though that he can pull it off. Charlie said it’s all about attitude.

And then at night? This? Goddamn. It’s good. It’s a little personality. It’s a unique steeze. He has the body type for it. He’s perfect. But let me tell you something from a biased wife – Jacek could go 10 rounds with that.

As for Drive – it’s been very well received at Cannes, both as an art form and also for its commercial potential. Once again, Ryan delivers a solid, strong performance. Once again, he is demonstrating his versatility. And once again, his chemistry with his female lead Carey Mulligan – have you seen this clip? Watch this clip. How he eyes her. How he smiles at her. How he considers her. Hot, right? And this soundtrack??? Have a great long weekend.

Photos from Wenn.com and Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Francois Durand/GUILLAUME BAPTISTE/ANNE-CHRISTINE/Gettyimages.com

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