Promotion for Gangster Squad on the talk show circuit is being shouldered, primarily, by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to send Sean Penn out there. And, well, the young ones are just so pretty and fun and polished. Look at Ryan Gosling working late night like a f-cking pro on both Jimmy Kimmel and Conan. Am so curious what that pre-interview sounds like. Because the way it happens during taping, it certainly seems like he’s forthcoming with anecdotes and stories, and is even open to participating in a Will Ferrell Sketch. All that charm...and he doesn’t even have to sing and dance, Justin Timberlake. It’s a little slick, sure, but that just goes along with his fake New York accent. You know that you are being played, but when it looks this good and goes down so smoothly, you don’t really care, do you?

Also, he refers again to “my girlfriend” on Conan. Clip is below, first Conan video attached.

As for Gangster Squad, I can’t say it’s my favourite movie. But he is irresistible in the movie. Even with that high pitched voice he decided to adopt for his character, he’s irresistible. You know what he’s worked on the last couple of years? He’s worked on his gait, his body movement. Much like I’m convinced Brad Pitt has, calculatingly, over his career. It’s especially effective in a film like this, with so much gun play and physicality but styled in a specific period. It would be so easy to look goofy, you know?, with pants hiked up over the stomach, having to worry about a hat all the time. But, ever the perfectionist, Gosling is as concerned, as he should be, about the aesthetic as he is about the emotional truth in his character. It can get eye-rolly, at times, Gosling’s commitment to “the motivation” (just walk across the goddamn room, Jesus, some scenes don’t require much “motivation”!!!), but that’s also the reason they all want to work with him. At the junket last weekend that’s all it was -- Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, almost in awe.