Holy sh-t when was the last time we saw Ryan Gosling? Definitely not this year, at least not a good shot.

He's been cutting his movie. And keeping a very low profile even though he's been in LA for a few months straight. Oh. So you actually can live in LA and not get papped for a long time, even if you're Ryan Gosling, everyone's favourite night time pillow?

Man, since so much time has passed I half expected him to look different. He doesn't. He looks the same. Totally the same. The same hot forearms. Time to talk about his forearms again because his forearms don't get enough love, do they? Forearms are not all equal. I've always appreciated Gosling's good forearms. You know who else has GREAT forearms? Brad Pitt. In Mr & Mrs Smith. That white shirt? YESSSSSSS.