It was Eva Mendes’s birthday on the weekend. She and Ryan Gosling were headed out for dinner. At some point a dog ran into the road. They pulled over, Ryan got out of the car, picked up the dog, and handed it safely over to the owner before driving away. ET has the exclusive photos – click here to see.

If you have a dog and this has never happened you to, I’m jealous. We have beagles; they are known escape artists. I was in the park with our first beagle, Marcus, one day when he found a small break in the bushes and pushed his way through and across a major street. THANKS GOD it was snowing in Vancouver that afternoon – it doesn’t happen much – and not many people were driving and if they were they were going slow. He was fine. He thought it was hilarious. You have never heard someone screaming BAD BOY! as loudly as I was. And I don’t care who it would have been – Ryan Gosling, Oscar Isaac, Prince Harry – helping rescue my dog that day. My brain would not have been turned on to it. The experience is the worst. I still feel anxious just remembering it.

Anyway, in non dog news, as I mentioned after the Oscars where Ryan presented, even though Eva wasn’t with him through award season, you’ll note that they’re together. They were together. So they’re still together. And it’s as fine as it can possibly be.

Attached - a selection of photos of Ryan with his own dog. George, over the years.