Three days in a row of this quiveration agony. It’s too much. Despite my affinity for vodka, I am a rather disciplined person. I will work through anything, I don’t need much sleep, I have a very controlled approach to my life almost to the point of neurosis, especially while blogging. I’m the one for example, and Laura sees this all the time, who can shut out conversations around me, as gossipy and dishy as they are, when I need to pound out a post. Focus has never been a problem.

But we all have weaknesses. Some of my weaknesses are Mariah Carey, March Madness, my dog begging to play, and this week Ryan Gosling. F-cking distraction.

Ryan left Salt Lake City and Sundance yesterday arriving back in LA last night. Good. Now please, go underground for a while, for the rest of the week, give me a few days. Because in addition to the blog and my shoots for etalk, I also have a few pre-Olympic writing assignments to complete, not to mention we’re moving at the end of the month. Going from some of the emails you’ve been sending, sounds like your productivity is off too.

I’ve spent 15 minutes looking at his shoes, another 10 sighing over how great his hair looks on the escalator, and several more hating his coat. See? Enough. Not that I want to send Ryan away but life cannot be all about the 24 hour moists.

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