Oh stop.

You wanted the rest of that sentence to be “to Eva Mendes”, didn’t you?

Eva wasn’t around on Ryan’s final day on the set of Only God Forgives. Here he is saying goodbye to the crew in Thailand before heading home to, sorry, Eva who was waiting for him back at the hotel. I posted photos of the two earlier this week - click here to see.

Now maybe time for a break?

He’s been working back to back to back, almost non-stop.

The Gangster Squad with Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, and Emma Stone has been set for release in October. Wonder if that means they’ll be making the festival circuit, and if it’s good enough for award season. You’d think so with that cast.  

Have you seen this trailer for #ReGENERATION? I’ve attached it below. Ryan is the narrator. I don’t know if I’m feeling his voiceovers. It might be the accent. There’s an art to a voiceover. I love Liev Schreiber’s voiceovers. I feel like a good voice for a voiceover is recognisable but not immediately, and not super obviously. It almost comes to you later, after you’ve paid attention to what they’re saying. Otherwise, you’re thinking of the person from the moment he/she drops the first word. Agree or disagree?