Also common consensus at TIFF - did Ryan Gosling seem a little... less sparkly than usual? He is usually a charm machine. This time, there wasn’t as much of it. I think it was fatigue. When I saw him at The Ides of March pre-gala cocktail at Grey Goose/Soho House, he was being really cute with some cougars who approached him to, I dunno, pet him or something. Like hunched shoulders and all sheepish and embarrassed. GREAT shoes. But then on the carpet, I heard his answers were coming off flat. That could also be because Mr Clooney is personality enough for everyone. Still, there was something missing.

The next night he was decidedly less energetic for the Drive cocktail. Not that he was being a bitch. Just he seemed...over it. Tired. Has there been a break in his film/promotion schedule? I feel like he’s been shooting and junketing non-stop. By the time he came back to Soho House for George Clooney’s marathon party though, he seemed to be in better spirits, hanging out with Dave Matthews who for some reason has become everyone’s favourite party favour this TIFF.

Ryan only stayed for an hour. Maybe even less. The room was hopping and he... just wanted to go home. And fly out the next morning. Back to Eva? Missing Eva Mendes? I kind of want it to be true.

Um, this is how you wear a henley and jeans. Thank you.

Also please have a look at this photo of Ryan with Albert Brooks and George Clooney. Who’s having the most fun? See???

Photos courtesy Grey Goose and from and PUNKD Images