Ryan Gosling was spotted on set of that untitled Dan Fogelman comedy yesterday, headlined by Steve Carell, also starring Emma Stone, wearing the sh-t out of that suit and now this day is shot for concentration. Goddamn that is too much. TOO much.

Last week I hear Ryan worked on a scene in which his character makes breakfast while singing Springsteen’s I’m On Fire ... shirtless. Apparently he’s not a novice in the kitchen, was a total natural at all the cooking moves and... shirtless. Please Mr Director. Please do not cut this. Please leave in the final film.

So of course, no surprise, everyone on set has a crush on him, and he flirts with everyone on set which only intensifies all the crushes on him, and he’s polite and sweet and has wonderful manners and is kind to crew and cast and stop asking me to put him on the Freebie 5 because while I am crazy, sure, I am not so crazy as to think that one night would be enough, ever, and why would it be for you? Maybe you’re crazy.

Photos from Flynetonline.com