Thanks to Jackie for sending along this photo of Ryan Gosling taken this weekend at a Best Buy in Burlington, Ontario. He came home for the holiday. He actually comes home more than you think. He’s just stealth about his movements and savvy enough to stay off the pap radar at LAX. It’s possible.

Blue Valentine
finally opens (select) tomorrow. It is one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year. He’s been promoting it for a year. But he has NOT been promoting his other film All Good Things, like, at all. Apparently that’s deliberate. In an interview with the LA Times, Gosling reveals that he’s irritated by the fact that both projects are being released at the same time. Where he has actively been hard pimping Valentine, he has just as actively been NOT pimping All Good Things. Word is he and the director were at odds. Word is he thinks the movie is sh-t. He’s right. Note his answer when asked whether or not he’s proud of All Good Things:

"I'm proud of what Kirsten (Dunst) does in the movie.”

Yeah, that sounds pretty clear to me. Click here for more from Ryan in the LA Times. Some good soundbites in there.