With him and all the Disneylanding, you never want to be premature about the girlfriend declarations. But it’s almost 6 months now. SIX MONTHS. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been dealing with each other exclusively for 6 months. Dude, that’s a girlfriend. As Dylan would say, that’s a bonafide. Eva is his bonafide.

On December 30, Ryan flew with his bonafide from LA to NYC where they celebrated NYE. I like the way his hand is in her hair as they cross the street after kissing.  HOT. I don’t like the way he’s suddenly all photo-shy with trying to cover up his face.


So you’ve never dated a co-star before?

On New Year’s Day, Ryan was seen spending time in New York with his mother. Eva did not appear to be with them when they were papped. How do you present Eva Mendes to your ma? It can’t be like presenting Rachel McAdams to your ma. Is he ready to present Eva to his ma? Has he? I’m getting a great smutty vibe off of this for no reason. Haven’t heard anything, haven’t read anything, but there’s something. Something about trying to picture Eva Mendes at the table with Mrs Gosling...

Or any mother of the boyfriend for that matter.

Do you feel it?