Yesterday at McMaster University, convocation for Humanities studies, class of 2011, a woman walks up to receive her diploma. From the audience, a loud shout:


It was Ryan Gosling. He was there for his mother.

Here’s Ryan with his ma and sister in 2007 at the Oscars when he was nominated for Best Actor for his work in Half Nelson. Also, a series of photos I never posted of him from the final ceremony in Cannes a few weeks ago looking really, really hot but I’m not supposed to think that because he’s smoking which... I mean I’m torn about this because, of course, obviously, smoking is bad, but sometimes a man smoking a cigarette, it’s a sexy thing, and saying this is a terrible thing as it can encourage a terrible habit.

The ongoing debate is that we have been conditioned by those images, pop culturally brainwashed by the likes of James Dean, almost never without a cigarette, into associating smoking with attractiveness. If that’s the case, it follows then that I’m incapable of being able to objectively analyse whether or not I am attracted to someone if they are smoking. I find Ryan Gosling very attractive in these photos of him smoking. Is it because he’s actually attractive, or because I’ve been socially conditioned to see it that way?

(Thanks to all who emailed about this, including Shervin! See you at SMUT next week?)

Anyway, hilarious little item that Joan M sent to me yesterday about Ryan but really it’s about Chloe Sevigny. She was being interviewed by the NY Daily News and offered a series of personal New York insights:

"I hate being busy in New York. I'd rather just sit in Tompkins Square Park all day and not do anything. I go to this party on Sundays at Sway, it's like a Smiths night thing. I go eat at Raoul's all the time... or Omen... Veselka. I saw Ryan Gosling on the street the other day. It was hot. He checked me out, but I don't think he knew who I was. I was in sunglasses."

Imagine blithely tossing that off in a conversation? Here’s Chloe at the CFDA Awards last week in what looks to be something of her own design for Opening Ceremony. I love it. And I love Opening Ceremony. And, well, if it was Harry Potter + Opening Ceremony vs Will & Kate, then how would you choose?

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