Last year Ryan Gosling was there for his mother when she graduated from McMaster University with a bachelors degree. He even shouted an endearment when she walked across the stage. Click here for a refresher. This year Ryan’s ma is graduating from teacher’s college at Brock University. Convocation was today. This is why he came home - to celebrate her achievement. And, as you know, Eva Mendes came with him.

I’m told from many people there that the students lost their sh-t a little bit. Security had to look after them. Ryan was making the kids all rioty.

After the ceremony, Ryan took Eva to Niagara Falls and rode the ferris wheel which, I’m sorry, totally cracks me up because I can imagine how that must make those McGosling freaks suicidal. There are photos of all of it - the two of them on campus, at the ferris wheel, etc but they’ve been bought out by a magazine. You can see them on etalk tonight but they won’t be available online for a few days.

Later on, after the ferris wheel, the two returned to spend time with ma.