As I mentioned yesterday, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are on holiday in Canada. Click here for a refresher on the previous article with my suggestion about a Canadian road trip. And their next destination after Montreal was indeed Toronto. For those of you keeping track, now that they’re out of Montreal, they stayed at the Hotel Le St-James. Which is where they were seen getting into a rental car with gps to help them drive to Ontario.

Last night they went out for dinner with friends at Hopgood’s Foodliner on Roncey. The whole neighbourhood is now buzzing about it. By all accounts, Eva is gorgeous. And, I’m told, he refers to her as “my girlfriend”. His mother refers to her as “his girlfriend”. More for you all to hate, I guess, but I still don’t understand why. Look at them. THEY ARE HOT. So he’s into some crazy in his life right now. You didn’t think an instrument-strumming-down-the-street indie film actor artist would want the girl next door forever, did you?

I’ll have more from Ryan and Eva later this week.

(The attached is a FILE PHOTO)