I like the dog talk more than the booty talk

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 5, 2010 11:41:35 April 5, 2010 11:41:35

In case you missed it, Ryan Gosling brought the moists by talking about The Booty the other day. Then on the weekend he dialed up the quiver even more by taking his dog out for a hike and a ball chase. This is like porn to a dog owner.

First of all, his dog is ADORABLE. Look at that goofy, dumbass of a face. And the lolling tongue. The dopier the dog, the more I love it. And he’s totally fixated on playing catch. Like there is nothing else in the world that exists. NOTHING. Then…as we dog lovers know…it’s the conversation. Ryan is talking to him. It’s communication. They might not be able to answer in our language, but they certainly answer. They KNOW.

Marcus has an average vocabulary, probably about 300 words, which puts him mid level on canine intelligence. His favourite words are hungry, eat, cookie, yoghurt, Fiona, grandma, beach, forest, and Kona. Kona is his best friend, my best friend Fiona’s dog, who comes over every day when Fi goes to work. They are constantly together. Fi has today off. So M was bummed out in bed when 8am came and went and Kona didn’t ring up.

But Fi came to take them for a run on the trails around 9 this morning. So we asked him when she was 5 minutes away – Marcus, do you want to go with Kona to the forest? He bolted out from under the covers, stretched, yawned, and then went to wait by the door. We talk to our dog. And Ryan Gosling talks to his.

Here are Kona and Marcus last weekend. Kona, as you can see, is half asleep basking in the sun. Marcus is giving Fiona (taking the photo) some major prickface because she’s telling him to sit still when he’d rather be f-cking around with someone’s picnic.

As for Ryan, said it before, will say again: I don’t love his arms. It’s too much beef. Perhaps it’s different in person. Not so beefy. There’s some buzz that Ryan will be in Cannes for Blue Valentine as they try to find international distribution. If he’s there, I will be looking.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com

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