He was on Jay Leno last night. That suit on him? Goddamn. Goddamn that’s a good suit. And I like the way he talks about it too. And looks at himself on the monitor. Then there’s a Justin Bieber shout-out which, it made me laugh the way he said “we’re proud of him”. Also, check his face when they come out of the clip from The Ides of March. He looks disgusted with himself. All good, all good. All amounting to a very good interview. Even though he goes all meta on us and addresses the whole Try situation. How hard he tries. That someone told him he tries too hard on talk shows so he goes on a talk show and talks about trying too hard.

James Franco, are you in there???

Bah, I’m into it. A lot. Even though his fake Brooklyn accent seems to be getting stronger and stronger - what is that all about??? - I’m into it. Jacek’s into it too. I took him to see Drive the other day. This is what Ryan Gosling has going for him, if my husband is any indication. That somehow, even after The Notebook, he’s been able to win over the Man Vote. But hey, he’s no Eric Taylor. Jacek has a major Man Crush on Eric Taylor. We were talking about this at dinner the other night. With my friend F and her husband K. I made the mistake of assuming that Jacek’s all time Man Crush is Coach Taylor. At which point he quickly corrected me and said that it was Tom Brady. Despite the hair growing and the Ugg wearing, for many dudes, and don’t let them lie to you, it’s always going to be Tom Brady.

K looked at F and told her straight up - I love you, but if I could trade lives with anybody, it would be Tom Brady. Then Jacek said that if he had to take it from a man, it would be Tom Brady. Before he could finish that sentence, K jumped in and declared that he’d rather take it from Tom Brady than have sex with Rosie O’Donnell. I’m just saying Ryan Gosling’s got a long way to go.

The interview is attached below in both parts. And the photos are of Ryan meeting up with some publicist types at the Montage - where GOOP likes to stay! - yesterday before presumably heading off to the taping.

Part 1

Part 2