Could just be pen. Temporary writing. But given the direction the letters are facing, I’ll guess permanent until we hear otherwise. Because it would be easier for a tattoo artist to write the letters facing themselves than have to come behind you, or get you to twist your hand around, to write the letters facing you.

Here’s Ryan Gosling on Friday in LA showing off the ESME on his hand. ESME, of course, for Esmeralda, his daughter with Eva Mendes. Now this is a tat he’ll never regret.

As you know, Gosling’s kept a very low public profile over the last year. On March 13 however he’ll be at SXSW with Guillermo Del Toro to talk about his film Lost River. Details are here. I love it when a film festival gets invaded by screaming fangirls. It’s the most hilarious dynamic. You should go if you can, just to watch the arty hipster cinephiles get annoyed and the hysterical Twi-Hards not give a f-ck.