Your favourite colouring book subject, hug toy, v-neck wearing man puppy is becoming a director. Ryan Gosling announced today that he’s written a “modern day fairytale” called How To Catch A Monster and that he’ll assume directing duties himself. He’ll be working with the same producers from Drive. Starring Christina Hendricks, Monster is about a single mother “swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town”. Everything has a Disney beginning, doesn’t it?

It’s a great career move for Gosling, the master craftsman, so committed to the work that he requires “motivation”, even when acting in a lighter movie like Crazy, Stupid, Love. Can you imagine then his unparalleled commitment when he’s the boss of everyone? And still, we insist on seeing him with dimples and flowers in his hand, whispering poetry while cutting down a tree.

Some of you have written to say that he may be actively encouraging this kind of reaction, what with all the Magic Land dates he takes his ladies on. If that’s the case, God, that might actually be worse.

Attached - more pictures of Ryan Gosling last week on the set of Gangster Squad (reshoots). He’ll be at TIFF next week. Looks like his screening will be on the first Friday night. Mayhem to start the weekend!