It’s not my favourite thing in the world, picking up my dogs’ sh-t, but it’s what happens when you have dogs. You pick up a lot of sh-t. And here’s Ryan Gosling after picking up his dog’s sh-t in Detroit on the set of the Ides of March. I like it that Ralph has been travelling with him. I feel sad though that Ralph couldn’t jump up into the van by himself. At his size, he should have been able to when he was younger. This is the terrifying thing about having a dog. They get older. We don’t like to think about this. But it’s a big part of why we brought home a puppy. Marcus is almost 8. They say having a younger one around keeps the older one younger too. So far, that seems to be true. Marcus still kinda hates Barney, but he’s a lot more playful these days. Suddenly his old toys are really, really interesting again. As for Barney, well, he doesn’t seem to be too deterred by the fact that his big brother can’t stand him, follows him around all the time. Marcus only allows him to be close though when he’s sleeping. They grow fast, non? Barney is long now.

As for Ryan, I’m told he and Olivia Wilde are still happening even though they’re both on location. They’ve been making use of weekends.

Photos from Todd G/fernandez/