Ryan Gosling was papped yesterday in Austin. He went to the gym with a friend wearing a Rick Hansen t-shirt. Rick Hansen is a big ass deal for us in Canada. Hansen celebrated the 25th anniversary of his Man In Motion tour in May after a 9 month anniversary tour that ended in Vancouver, BC, same place that marked the end of his journey AROUND THE WORLD IN HIS WHEELCHAIR a quarter of a century before, all in the name of spinal cord research. Can I just drive this home some more? Dude pushed himself in a wheelchair around the world, took him 2 years, to raise awareness and funding for those suffering spinal injuries...


Yesterday a 101 year old man at the Surrey Marathon ran 5k in 40 minutes. I slept until noon.

Click here for more on Rick and his foundation.

OK now I just have to play the song. It’s in my head anyway. And I love watching Demi Moore rock back and forth in a room with sheets and streamers gorgeously blowing in the wind.