Have you seen Ryan Gosling in The United States Of Leland? It was years ago. His character had dark hair. He was adorable. Ryan Gosling is currently working on The Big Short. His character has dark hair. He is not adorable. Maybe it’s age.

OMG, in this case, a rare case, is age actually gender democratic?

Ryan Gosling, the celebrity human pillow, now in his 30s, doesn’t look good with dark hair. Part of it has to do with the way it’s been styled, sure. But also, the dark hair accentuates even more the shape of his face, in particular his forehead and that, in turn, brings his eyes together. I don’t think he has a cute forehead. Am I allowed to say this? It doesn’t mean he’s not goodlooking. OF COURSE HE’S GOODLOOKING. He’s just better looking as a blonde. Am I allowed to say that?