La La Land Hollywood premiere last night. La La Land, as you know, is a frontrunner for Best Picture, in a tight race right now with Moonlight and, maybe, Manchester By The Sea although I feel like Manchester’s big hope might be Casey Affleck, the alleged sexual harasser. I feel like there’s a La La Land screening every other day. Which is not unusual this time of year, during campaign season, when films try and build as much momentum and support as possible. Emma Stone and director Damian Chazelle have shown up for all of those events, carrying the promotion for La La Land over the last 4 months. Ryan Gosling’s been working on Blade Runner in Budapest. He was at TIFF and maybe a couple of other appearances but for the most part he’s been largely absent. Until now. Now when it matters most. La La Land opens next week. If it does well at the box office its chances for Oscar only get better. So here’s Ryan last night with the team, telling The Wrap that, “This is my first day out. I’ve been in Budapest for five months, so I’m a little bit out of the game.”

You know the effect Ryan Gosling has on a crowd, right? The screaming was apparently intense. They’re hoping that they’ll be screaming all the way into the theatres next week. This is Ryan Gosling in a romance. Not a murdering romance. But a singing, dancing romance. Nobody’s saying Notebook but Ryan Gosling in The Notebook was what started the Ryan Gosling hug-pillow and the colouring books and the hysteria. And this is what I’d be leaning into if I were marketing this movie. A Ryan Gosling love story. Vs the Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence love story.