Ryan Gosling was not in Venice for the world premiere of La La Land. He did, however, show up to support the film at home in Toronto at TIFF. La La Land, as you’ve heard, has bewitched critics and audiences all over the place and is now considered to be the frontrunner for Oscar, with Emma Stone in the lead too for the Best Actress race. Given the acclaim the film has received, Ryan is also a possibility for a nomination. Sarah reviewed it earlier this week and even she, someone who doesn’t care for musicals, could not deny its charm. Which means La La Land is a major cinematic achievement. I heard he seemed flat on the carpet though. All business, which is fine – it’s all fine compared to Leonardo DiCaprio – but just not what we’ve seen in the past from him. If you’ve followed Ryan, you know that he can be playful with the press, really cute, really light. Right now the vibe feels serious. Professional, of course. He was there to do his job and he did it well, he stopped for most outlets, he made sure he got out there to front the film. But the spark just wasn’t as bright as we’ve seen from him in the past. He may be tired, though, as he’s been in Budapest working on Blade Runner. I wonder how that will change as we get deeper into the season, when momentum picks up and the shape of the Oscar race starts to form and narrow.

Here’s Ryan leaving Toronto yesterday, perhaps trying to give the Blue Jays a boost, because, Christ, they suck right now.