JEYE-son. That’s how they say it. JEYE-son…what the hale were you thankin’?

Love True Blood SO much.

It’s so bad it’s good. Deliciously campy.

And lines like these, from this week’s episode:

It’s the way ah was raised up.

And Nordic sex gods like Alexander Skarsgard.

And the dumbass hotness of Jason Stackhouse played by Ryan Kwanten who is featured in the new GQ styled up very un-Bon Temps.

Ryan is 32, Australian, and he tells the magazine his naked time has been significantly reduced to close the season.


Also, remember Amy from last year?

At Lara & Ryan’s wedding on Saturday part of our True Blood discussion revolved around Janice Ian. Unf-ckingrecognisable. Right???


Dean had to prove it to me on his iPhone.

Janice Ian stopped eating. This is disappointing.

Anyway, let’s play name our favourite TB characters. Mine are as follows:

1. Lafayette
2. Eric
3. Jason
4. Hoyt’s Mother
5. Andy


See more Ryan Kwanten photos and read the article here.