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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 18, 2009 08:37:00 September 18, 2009 08:37:00

I will be happy to see Jacek when I get home tomorrow. More happy to see Marcus. And the first thing I’ll do is watch True Blood. That is if Jacek is willing to give up the tv.

This a glorious time of year for us. EA Sports NHL 2010 has just been released. This means he will play it obsessively for two weeks and we won’t have to talk to each other. You cannot imagine how wonderful that is after almost 8 years of marriage.

Oh you MiniVan Twi-Hards with your idealized notions of true love and fairy tale relationships will no doubt be judging, but others will understand: there are times in life, no matter how important that person is to you, that you just don’t need to be around them.

Mid September is always, annually, our time to ignore each other.

The problem though is that we have one tv. I need it to catch up on Glee and True Blood and The Office and The Daily Show.

He will have to find something else to do for a few hours.

True Blood is currently on hiatus. Will not be back until June. F-ck.

This is Ryan Kwanten, enjoying his time off in New York for fashion week, spotted at the G-Star show the other day and at VH1 Divas last night. Sam Trammell joined him onstage to present. Awesome True Blood fix for a nice Friday surprise although I’m not sure why Ryan’s face looks so waxy and am also not feeling that douchebag anchor he has around his neck.

Men need to be careful about their accessories. That sh-t to me screams bachelor party musclehead in Vegas. Almost a dealbreaker.

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