Ryan Lochte attended the premiere of The Expendables 2 last night in Hollywood. But not before shopping at Ralph Lauren on Rodeo Drive. Hollywood is his playground now. 

As you know, LA Lochte is doing 90210 and wants to be considering for Dancing and The Bachelor. According to the photo agency, this dude he’s posing with is someone called Chris Harrison. I googled and found out that Harrison is the host of The Bachelor. Well that’s convenient.

Isn’t the point of The Bachelor that the man is supposed to pretend to want a wife? Are we saying then that Ryan Lochte wants to get married soon? Pretty sure he doesn’t want to get married soon. Which, I suppose, is the ultimate testament to how full of sh-t those shows are. And in that sense, he actually is perfect for it.

Here’s Lochte on the set of 90210 yesterday barely capable of memorising his lines.