My cousin Cat brought this up a few weeks ago: what’s with the constant beaters? Does Ryan Phillippe own anything other than tank tops?

Call me Cruise but with the exception of David Beckham, a man in a tank means instant de-quiver. Am all about the t-shirt. A just fit not too tight t-shirt with a print. Like the ones you get at Target. Or Marc by Marc Jacobs. He makes great men’s tees. Just bought a Blondie one in orange for my husband for only 20 bucks.

Print tees trump tanks any day.

And Ryan Phillippe’s best days have come and gone. Carb Face Divorcé maxing out at 5 ft 8 and a half on a good day with lame ass pick up lines and cheesy poetry - only the skankist f&cking twats would want a piece of that.  And yes, that includes every little two bit wannabe working at the Cactus Club Yaletown in Vancouver.  I know you hear me.