Last night at the Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards, Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish arrived together – their first time in public as a couple. Apparently they were sweet and loving and he had his arm around her and as you would expect, because this was reported in People, they seemed very much in love.

Well I would hope so.

I would hope that the affair that finally ended his marriage was at least worth something.

Abbie kept a very low profile during promotion for Stop Loss a few months ago. The film died a quick embarrassing death at the box office. Rumours were swirling at the time as to why she was so scaled back on publicity. One of the more far-fetched tales was that she was off having his love child.

Indeed, from this angle they certainly do have matching carb faces, non?

How long before he cheats on her? Judging from his prolific infidelity in the past, it’s pretty much a certainty.