My favourite email yesterday came from a colleague of mine who wrote:

Ryan Phillippe. Did u interview him? His feet are super small. Like, abnormally.

And they are. Because he’s actually really little. We saw him at Soho House/Grey Goose the other night and Duana, who is 5 ft 8, was able to look OVER him. But as I said yesterday, he has a Napoleonic swagger, that one. Fronts like he’s at least 6 inches taller. And an expression to match. Let me walk down the street scowling, with my arm tattoo, because I know I’m the man you want.

Really? Him?

I guess in the face, sometimes sure. But it’s the attitude. Like when he went to Puerto Rico a few weeks ago with some other celebrities, and he was the biggest name, for a charity event and apparently decided to do only one interview with American press and blew off the local media. Ryan Phillippe to Ryan Phillippe is A List. Ryan Phillippe to you and me...well... definitely not A List. Anymore. (thanks Carola!)

Anyway, here he is last night at the premiere of The Bang Bang Club and the night before at the InStyle party before he showed up at Soho House. He was in and out of the Intercon yesterday too. And I saw him later on at a sick house party on the Bridle Path for The Bang Bang Club smoking out by the pool, standing among a group of guys like a proper alpha dog.

Also... the story about when Reese found the text messages? Truth. And it was a spectacular public blowout.