I mean, I suppose that’s how his fans would defend it, right? There’s one in particular. She’s been writing to me for a year. It’s very endearing her loyalty to Ryan Phillippe. She feels that the way I’ve been commenting on his, um, dating patterns is unfair. She doesn’t believe that Phillippe ever cheated on Reese Witherspoon. She denies that he was ever a douche player with lame moves and cheese texts lancing on several waitresses at a time who worked at the same restaurant in Vancouver during their marriage. And of course she refuses to acknowledge the allegations that Phillippe was unfaithful to Abbie Cornish even after their acrimonious split, as her publicist released a very telling and informative statement about her moving out and tersely would offer only a “no comment” when asked if Phillippe cheated on her. Still, some people you have to slap in the face. Where these kinds of people are concerned though, even a baby isn’t enough of a slap in the face.

Last year Ryan Phillippe dated an actress called Alexis Knapp for about 5 minutes. Not surprisingly, Alexis is 26, in the upper scale of his target age range. By fall, he was spotted with Amanda Seyfried and Alexis had receded. Not that it means anything, but Amanda’s resume is way stronger, much more in line with Witherspoon and Cornish.

Well now it appears that Alexis is pregnant. They say it’s 7 months. She was photographed the other day out and about. Since you people are bump experts, you decide how far along she is. Whatever the timeline though, Us Weekly broke the exclusive yesterday that she’s telling people the baby is Ryan’s but they could only specify 2nd trimester. And other outlets are now following that lead, as even People.com is echoing the same story from their sources and his publicist remains silent on the matter. Without a DNA test it’s the smart thing to do.

Phillippe supporters however are stepping forward anonymously to defend his character. They explain he’s aware of the situation and claim that if the child is his, he will take full responsibility.

"He's a good guy. He loves being a dad and takes being a dad really seriously. If this kid is his, he will do the right thing. He takes his responsibility seriously.”
– from a source to Us Weekly.

Well no kidding. It’s not the right thing to do, it’s the ONLY thing to do. How did we come to this when people expect acknowledgement for behaving as they SHOULD? Taking responsibility for fathering a child doesn’t mean he’s a “good guy”. It means he’s a HUMAN BEING. Don’t ask me to stand up and applaud him for being a “good guy” because he’s going to properly love his own child. Are those the standards we’re setting for ourselves these days? Is that how low they are?

As for Ryan Phillippe…

Well I guess they wait for a paternity test. And I guess we’re not to speak of the apparent overlap between Alexis Knapp and Amanda Seyfried? Why is there so often overlap between his significant relationships? That means nothing, right? The aforementioned superfan would insist it means nothing. I’ve reprinted one of her recent emails below. As already noted, she’s an ardent supporter.

You have to know that what you post about Ryan Phillippe is exaggerated bullsh-t. Either that or you are really really really stupid. It wasn't reported anywhere that he "HAD A FIGHT" with Amanda at the Weinstein party simply that they had a serious discussion and were separate for most of the night but E reported when they were done with their conversations (which were probably business) they were cuddling. They arrived and left separately so you're pathetic attempt to make something "telling" from that fact is more fiction and a testament to your stupidity.

He was driving a Rolls because he was filming a Funny or Die with it that ONE day. But you know that you stupid bitch. But keep trying to make it something else.

He's broken up wth "two women" in ten years. In your crooked head This makes him a "douche". He's no different than any other actor but you also know that you stupid bitch.

He was never doing anything more than dating Amanda casually. They have probably both been seeing other people. She was with Dominic at the Golden Globes parties. But you also know that you stupid bitch but it doesn't fit into your "Ryan is a big douche" theory so you ignore it.

Why don't you write about Canadian actors? Isn't that why E Canada exists? Why are you so stupid?

And here’s Ryan arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, all smiles, to promote The Lincoln Lawyer.

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