Sit DOWN Ryan Phillippe

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It’s a Sit DOWN kind of day.

Once in a while I’ll get an email from an angry reader all like – why do you have to be such a BITCH to Ryan Phillippe? Get over it! He and Reese broke up. She moved on, why can’t you? He’s hot and he’s not the asshole you say he is.

If this is you, I’m sorry but you’re dumb.

Also, click here. Remember when Ryan Phillippe drove himself around in ROLLS ROYCE? There is NO other explanation, no excuse, none whatsoever for a dude who rolls around in a Rolls. It’s an automatic Dick stamp. And for added evidence, go back to what Abbie Cornish was like when she left him. Abruptly. And her public statement about their split. She was an idiot. Because pricks never change.

And, as reported last week, he was being a big dick to Amanda Seyfried at a party last week – that article is here. They had a fight at a party, they left separately, she seemed sad. Honey, in the long run, it’s better for you. But as I noted then, she may not be smart enough to know this.

Not surprisingly, he’s moving on. And overreaching.

According to Us Weekly, apparently at a pre-Grammy party last weekend, he dropped a move on Rihanna.


Ryan Phillippe thought he had a chance with Rihanna. Needless to say, she was polite, and then signaled to her friends for the rescue.

So he moved on to another target, a pretty brunette. F-ckin’ loser. Both.

Here’s what he looked like that night. Like he thinks he can hang with Justin Bieber.

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