According to UK gossips and their sh-tty track record, RiRi wants to get with Colin Farrell. Click here if you missed that story yesterday. According to Us Weekly though, she’s actually been messing around with Ryan Phillippe even though they reported last week that she had rejected him at a party when he tried to step to her. The magazine now cites a different source who claims that Rihanna and Ryan have been doing it since December and still hook up on occasion if they end up at the same place. Which would mean that he was with Rihanna at the same time that he was with Amanda Seyfried. Which would mean that Seyfried really is that stupid. Because while RiRi’s only in it for the no attachment f-ck, you know Seyfried was holding on to a lot more.

With him?


Surprise! Ryan Phillippe can’t stay faithful.

And his poetry and cheese game only works on the weak. I imagine Ri would have cut to it straight up, hand up – you don’t have to drop any lines boy, just take off your pants.

Seyfried? Watch how vehemently she denies that Ryan worked on Rihanna. Click here. Dumbass.

As for Rihanna, now that Kate Hudson’s manslinger has been sidelined, maybe she assumes the role for a while.

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