Well well…

Two very interesting sets of photos taken by Flynet...

First – Abbie Cornish who reportedly slept with Reese Witherspoon’s husband when he was still her husband shopping the other day with none other than Ava Phillippe.

Next – Carb Face Ryan Phillippe who cheated repeatedly on his wife when she was still his wife caught in an intimate moment with Abbie, just one of the many, many, many women he strayed with while he was married, and with whom he was seen sharing romantic dinners on location.

Now that the divorce has been finalised, both Reese and Ryan have moved on. Reese and Jake have stopped hiding and Ryan is clearly involved with Abbie and also very clearly making her believe she’s the only woman in his life and integrating her into his children’s lives, conveniently with the paps around.

If we were adults about this, the comment would be: how civilised.

But this is a smutty gossip blog. And you are smutty gossips. And this is as smutty as it gets. Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish were f&cking behind Reese’s back. Now they don’t have to sneak around anymore. Quite the opposite in fact.

Because Ryan now has a reputation to repair. Cheating on sweet Reese? Cheating on Sweet Reese with several waitresses working at the same Cactus Club in Vancouver? Cheating on Sweet Reese with a hostess at Lobby in Toronto? And another at Ultra? And the list goes on!

And now that he’s bloated and scruffy, now that his 30s have settled on his face, now that he can’t seem to shake the Carb, Ryan’s career is in serious jeopardy. Which is why the reformed single parent is settling down with a new blonde…

But can a cheater ever change? And seriously… who the hell finds him attractive anymore.

I mean really. Really???

For Abbie it"s a serious downgrade. She has the world ahead of her...why hook up with a has-been?

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