There’s a saying in Chinese:

One type rice feeds one hundred type people.

Sort of like…to each their own. Or, as my mother so gracefully reminded me when I told her one day that I could get away with a short skirt: whores eat our rice too. If you can eat like a whore, you can dress like a whore.

Which totally doesn’t make sense but the point is – different strokes for different folks. So of course, in theory, I can understand why some people would find Ryan Phillippe attractive, but in practice, in loin temperature, in every respect outside of a textbook, it’s an insurmountable challenge.

Because Ryan Phillippe hasn’t been hot since 2001. Or even earlier.

Here he is with Abbie Cornish the other day, hand in hand leaving Villa, Carb Face in full effect and those f&cking loser gray pants that don’t hang right because his ass is too big all topped off by gleaming white trainers on turned out feet....



Why would a promising young actress like Abbie Cornish saddle herself with a wee chronic philandering, cheeseball spewing cheese lines whose best days are long behind him?

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