Ryan Reynolds took Blake Lively to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island this week. His brother lives and works there. They stayed with him during their visit and played basketball on his block on Monday night. It’s cute, right? Ryan and Blake, all Hollywood and sh-t, running up and down the street of an unassuming neighbourhood, giggling and chasing each other...instead of attending the Met Gala.

Rather, Blake seemed to pack light. As you can see here in photos from the weekend, it’s the same hat and the same jeans. And it’s LOVE when you can recycle your clothes. It’s love when you skip your way over to the snack shop while waiting for the ferry. How do I know? I did it myself. Our first “date” was a long weekend. I flew in from Toronto. We spent one night in Victoria (you also have to take a ferry to Victoria from Vancouver). The ferry ride is super romance. Which is why - look at her - she is GIDDY. They’re both giddy. And it’s feeling more and more permanent, isn’t it?

(Thanks for the tip D!)