I would like to propose my one true love for the freebie 5. Liev Schreiber. He is a fantastic actor, tall, deep growly voice, good bod, what more could we ask for? Even though he was made to look foolish in that painful Meg Ryan movie, he is riveting in everything else he has been in. When I saw that he and Naomi Watts were together, I was so blinded with jealousy that I lamented out loud in front of my guy. He said "why not? they are both good actors, it"s not like he"s a himbo", but he"s mine, he was my secret and now the world will tarnish him with their drool. Now that I will have to share him, I feel it"s only right that he is in the top 5. Dear Leslie, You seem like a good woman. Intellectual and deep, unlike me. I am shallow and materialistic…which means that true thinkers and real men like Liev don’t burn my loins. Sadly, I am one of those depraved souls who covets exterior beauty and superficial stature over the lasting things in life, especially when it comes to my fantasy sex list. Have I disappointed you?