dear smuttess, the cute, the perky, the restaurant-O... i wanna know - where the hell did meg ryan go? is she hiding inside her lips or something? wha"happened? Dear Lori, I"m assuming you"ve heard about the adoption. She went to China for a baby. Meg is still in LA, hiding behind her lips and many other fixings, unable to cope with her 40s. The woman is actually a better actress than we give her credit for because according to many, many sources, Meg Ryan is not the sweet Sally she played so perfectly in those "meet cute" movies we all know and love. There are rumours of very bad behaviour, vicious treatment of other actors and colleagues. In short, she"s supposedly a raging beeotch. With no love life. And apparently no career. Which is why she has so much time on her hands and so little surface area left to damage.