First reported by TMZ, the couple has released a statement confirming they have separated and Reese has already contacted the same divorce lawyer who repped Jennifer Aniston. As already noted, they did look super stiff at the Flags NYC premiere, and their togetherness appearances *only* during campaign season were suspect at best. According to TMZ"s source, Reese was the one to initiate proceedings and the causes were apparently "cumulative". In other words – what we were smelling was indeed a funky smell and if you recall, I wrote about it just last week. Speculation will now undoubtedly spread like wildfire – why, when, who, how, and the MiniVan Majority will most likely blame Angelina Jolie. First Jen gets busted, now Reese falls too - the MiniVan Membership needs a scapegoat, savvy? In this case however, Angie is definitely not involved…but there is a certain waitress who works in Toronto who might have something to say. Rumours of course, of course, of course. But something tells me she’s not the only one. And by the way - Ryan can pretty much forget about Oscar. There.Is.No.Way.