Worst Giveaway: Ryan Reynolds

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 8, 2010 07:54:49 March 8, 2010 07:54:49

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This isn't actually a beef with Ryan Reynolds himself, who seemed to spend the entirety of the Red Carpet talking about what BFFs he and Sandra Bullock are, and how they have been for many years. But I did, a little bit, feel that with that sentiment so fresh in my mind, having Ryan brought out to introduce The Blind Side - doesn't it kind of give it away? A little?

I actually really appreciate the genuine friendships that abound in the Kodak Theatre - at least, it seemed tonight, the ones associated with Sandra Bullock who could do no wrong. But maybe if you had someone else present it - anyone else, I'm sure one of the guys in that theatre pretended to play football in high school - there might have been more of an air of mystery about whether or not Sandy was a gimme.

Lainey: His dramatic pauses were killing me. Keanu Reeves read the prompter with more ease than Ryan Reynolds. A bit contrived, non? That said, word is Reynolds was very, very accommodating with the press. Spent more time than he’s been known for. Not exactly Hugh Jackman time, but certainly committed to the playbook. Which is a nice change. And of course no Scarlett. It’s not what they do. Like Gwyneth and Chris styles. Eye roll or no eye roll?

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