I was supposed to report on Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling when I was on eTalk last Monday but Nicole"s wedding took over the entire world and then Star Jones decided to take on Barbara and then Tori decided to take on her mother and well…I totally forgot about them. Which I didn"t think was a big deal but judging by the amount of email I received complaining about it, I now know how many people live and die for any information at all about the cutest bestest couple, like, omigod, ever, in the gossip universe. Sorry about the delay but it actually ended up being a good thing because since then, more ooey gooey details have come in. It"s not earth shattering, it"s not breaking news or anything, but these are little glimpses into their sweet sweet romance that you might enjoy. The Notebook come to life…literally. We"re going back almost 2 weeks now especially since I inadvertently shelved the story. Rachel and Ryan spent some time undercover in their respective home towns St Thomas, Ontario and London, Ontario. One evening Rachel hung out with her brother and sister at a beach bonfire on Lake Erie while Ryan was apparently back in London helping someone put up a fence. Yes, gossips. Just like Noah Calhoun. I"m told he was overheard referring to her at one point, he called her "my girl", and mumbled something about planting a garden. Meanwhile, back at the beach, Rachel supposedly kept fidgeting with the ring around her necklace, pausing to kiss it once in a while. I"m not kidding you. And yes, I"m getting pukey too. What"s not so great is that I hear they are increasingly conflicted about travel schedules and where to lay down their roots, especially since they"ve enjoyed their recent summer so much. Career-wise it"s probably best to be in America and there are indications that they may have already purchased a home in New York. I received a random email the other day from someone who claims to have sighted them at an antique shoppe looking at an armoire and a few frames and intently discussing where to put what, etc. According to the spy, they either held hands the entire time or he would tuck his hand under her hair to rest it on the nape of her neck. There "McGoslings”, I hope you"ve had your fix. And honestly, if you are a "McGosling" worshipper and you don"t care for this kind of information, let me know. Because if it"s of no value to you, I"ll gladly stop writing about it.