My love and thanks to Jo C who sighted them and sent in the following description - hopefully this will alleviate the McGosling hysteria over rumours of a split. For the last freakin" time y"all…they are STILL together. Unedited below: So I was casually enjoying the loafing ways of my sunday afternoon in weekend with the girls.…decided to stop in for some coffee before missioning home for re-runs of grey’s anatomy. I walked into this random small coffee shop, noticed a women wearing a cozy fuzzy hat standing with her bike outside and didn’t think anything of it (I was focused on my fix of black coffee) Waiting in line behind a man in jeans, he speaks to the server and they must have shared a joke, as he laughs…. he turns around, I look up, he smiles, I smile --- at Ryan Gosling!! A twinkle in his eye and a sweet smile - lovely and hansome (almost made me forget my coffee!!) I didn’t say a word…as I appreciate that loafing Sunday afternoon activities should not be intruded upon…I ordered my coffee, as he heads outside talks to the lady in the cozy hat which by now I have snapped out of my dazed Sunday state and realize is Rachel McAdams, stunning she is. Coffee in hand I walk out, cross the street back to my car - look back for a second to see him give a laugh and an affectionate nudge to her ….as they cycle off together It gave me a massive smile to know that no matter who you are….that the loafy ways of couples on Sundays is held by all…from bike riding to Sunday coffees and cozy hats!! Plus they seem from my very brief encounter….just like you and I! Oh! And despite my momentary surprise of my encounter with the Gosling smile.... He was super hansome...super outdoorsy looking...she was gorgeous, fuzzy hat and all - a normal and stunning couple!!