Again, I’m doing this because your emails indicate you want it. If, however, you are among a silent majority that can’t stand this sugar, please let me know. I’ll stop it just for you. Oh – and for the benefit of the non-North American readers out there – we are talking about Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, stars of the Notebook, a movie that inspired frenzied fandom around the world. Anyway, this is from local gossips who saw them recently, again in Kitsilano, on 4th Avenue, Hells Kitchen, sharing Stella on special and dry ribs - I love an actress who can throw back a beer and some REAL food, don’t you? They were relaxed and speaking in low tones, very intimate, always making a point to touch hands, hold hands, put hands on knees or thighs, but not in a crazy PDA way, not affected, not too bothered by people who noticed them and pretended not to notice them, and very, very polite to staff. That’s it for today, though I’m sure the tips will keep coming as long as they’re in Vancouver.