Not breaking news, but since they’re so popular, I thought some of you might appreciate this. From a lovely reader named Jenn in Toronto. Her very own eyewitness account: “Toronto, new years eve, wasted out of my head, decided me need chicken wings. So friends and i stop off at the dirtiest hole in the wall bar "sneaky dee's" I mean this bar does have good mexican but celebrity sightings here i would have never thought. As i suck the bbq sauce off my fingers who do i see but a tall stunning piece of man. ooooh ryan gosling and who elserachel Mcadams (do not love the blonde at all) very cute still. We drunkenly approach to say hi and happy new year and both were kind and sincere. Though they did refuse a photo "we're not taking any photos tonight". That's fine i would have never bothered them sober, but when you're tanked anything goes.” oh and one more thing while we"re at it. The Hercules reference in my last blind item clue does NOT refer to Ryan. Breathe easy, girls. Breathe easy.