WARNING – GLOATING AHEAD. Stop reading now if you can’t stand it. Check out the new cover of Us Weekly with more information on the separation including eye witness accounts of Ryan openly making out with a blonde at a sushi restaurant, presumed to be Abbie Cornish. The magazine contends that Ryan did not attempt to deny the accusations and, as I wrote earlier, saw it almost as a welcome relief from his marital shackles. The most curious part though? Here’s what appears at the very end of today’s entry on the Us Weekly blog – note the highlighted sentence: Where did things go wrong for the couple? What happened between Phillippe and a woman he met in Toronto while filming a movie last January? Did Reese know about Ryan’s wandering eye? Are the couple headed for divorce? For more on the breakup, and Phillippe’s burgeoning relationship with Cornish, check out the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week. a href="https://www.laineygossip.com/ArticleList.aspx?ID=4957" target="_blank">A Woman in Toronto??? Sound familiar??? Just asking… By the way – in addition to the waitress in Toronto, there’s now a school teacher who’s been thrown into the mix. Will keep you posted… Source