Ok McGoslings...have you seen the photos yet? Do you believe? All is right again? As I"ve been telling you for weeks, these two are solid but the real question is: why do you still believe Life & Style? Thanks to Sara K who sent in yet another description from their weekend in Toronto, this time on Saturday. An abridged version below: I saw them on Saturday on Bloor just east of Bathurst in the trendy annex area i like to call "my hood". The were slowly strolling down the street with another female friend - window shopping (stores were closed though). Rachel was wearing the same cute fuzzy hat that was mentioned by the "Sunday observer". Anyhow, what she did not mention - is the COAT that Rachel was wearing! Unless maybe, she wasn"t wearing it on Sunday..... she was wearing a royal blue and black plaid / checkered whool peacoat cut just above the knee - and as you would say - it was "total gorgessity" (sh**t ....did I spell that right!!) anyhow...... she was even more goddess like than she is in movies and in the rags...... she was stunning...... and Ryan.....was outdoorsy....and he definitely made me feel weak in the knees....... I also could not get over how beautifully rosy Rachel"s cheeks are - like little rosebud strawberry kisses. If I was a man I would marry her, I felt like I was standing in the prescence of such utter beauty that........well........I truly couldn"t decide who to look at. There you go McGoslings. Start squealing, start naming their babies. Enjoy.