Dear McGoslings - here"s your fix.


Fresh from Lora G in Toronto...start squealing now "cause your favourite couple went out for dinner on Saturday and like omigosh they were touching the whole time and like so totally together and happy and full of ooey gooey sweetness and again, for those of you who insist on emailing me, concerned and anxious about those lame sh-t reports of a break up ... They are fine, they were fine, they will be fine.

Lora"s unedited description below:

I was out in Toronto having dinner Saturday night and Rachel and Ryan came in looking very cute and yes, very together! We were at Xacutti on College.

They sat next to each and he had his arm around her pretty much the whole time. They were there with two other girls, someone said that one was her sister but I don"t know for sure.