Major communication mix ups while trying to Save Single Ryan. First the “exclusive” statement to People – exclusive AND weak – about not being perfect but not being as guilty as you think, which basically means “yeah, I cheated…but not THAT much”, followed by the “exclusive” cover with In Touch about wanting the best for his family. Even though Page Six ran a blind item yesterday about a 4 way in Miami? Please. The man is out there whooping up his freedom while his publicists scramble to get their sh-t together, and while he may have opened up to In Touch, according to their cover, his PR firm is now saying that the quotes and the story were entirely fabricated by an outsourced publicist specifically hired to manage the situation. Apparently the freelancer and the main agency crossed wires, not knowing that each had approached different weeklies for an “exclusive”, nullifying both “exclusives” in the process. Moral of the story: Hollywood Publicists are the new Used Car Salesmen. Be careful what you’re buying, literally and figuratively, and if you want the real dirt, the Ph.D. goods on gossip – blog is the real smut…savvy? Source